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So we get to the coffee shop, mainly for him because I don’t like coffee and I tell him what I want: a small (I still don’t use coffee sizes) double, chocolatey-chip. “Okay. Hey, can you go check out the newspapers?” He says. “Suuurrreee,” I say with a quizzical expression on my face. Out of one ear, I hear him order me “The tallest you have of the chocolate chip drink with 2 shots of espresso.” WHAT???? I’m thinking to myself, where in the world did he get that from? So I rush over to try and change the order, but it was too late. He had already paid. So of course, I get a little frustrated and the poor cashier had no idea what to do. Finally, he says to her “Go ahead and put those two shots into my drink.” Turning towards me “I thought you said 2 shots.” (We have been dating for years, FYI.) While waiting an older guy passes us, pats him on the shoulder and says to him “Good luck with that.”  Did I miss something here??